Friday, 13 April 2012

Maya Character Assignment - Development

As part of our 'Objects Looking For a Character' brief, we have been asked to model, texture and rig an everyday object to give it individual character. I have been working into my character designs which are an adult and baby plant pot and I feel I have made progress with where my work is going thanks to my in-lesson tutorials and self teaching from the aforementioned 'Introducing Autodesk Maya' book.

I decided to do the baby plant pot as a small Daisy and the adult plant pot as a Tiger Lily plant which I am still in the process of developing.

Plant Pot characters in production.
Kitchen interior design.
I have also been modelling an environment for the characters to be placed in. I have decided to put them in a kitchen interior, perhaps sitting on the windowsill which is out-looking the exterior. I am happy with my progress so far with the environment design.

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