Friday, 13 April 2012

Maya Character Assignment - Development

As part of our 'Objects Looking For a Character' brief, we have been asked to model, texture and rig an everyday object to give it individual character. I have been working into my character designs which are an adult and baby plant pot and I feel I have made progress with where my work is going thanks to my in-lesson tutorials and self teaching from the aforementioned 'Introducing Autodesk Maya' book.

I decided to do the baby plant pot as a small Daisy and the adult plant pot as a Tiger Lily plant which I am still in the process of developing.

Plant Pot characters in production.
Kitchen interior design.
I have also been modelling an environment for the characters to be placed in. I have decided to put them in a kitchen interior, perhaps sitting on the windowsill which is out-looking the exterior. I am happy with my progress so far with the environment design.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Maya Practice

I've been spending the last couple of days working through the tutorials in Dariush Derakhshani's 'Introducing Autodesk Maya 2012' book to refresh some of my Maya skills and to help me in my 3D assignment. I'm finding the book incredibly helpful and I will hopefully be spending more time on my Maya work with more confidence soon.

A printscreen of the first tutorial where a basic solar system was created with planets and moons which moved around the sun in orbit. This helped me learn some more of the Maya animation basics and refreshed my memory of some of the common tools.

A printscreen of the decorative box from the second tutorial in the book. Creating this helped me discover some tools that I've not used before and allowed me to practice and develop my modelling skills.